The name of chelidonia comes from the Greek KHELIDON, Swallow or Passereau which returns in Spring (the plant indeed blooms in the season of the swallows).

It answers to many names: major chelidonia, big lightning, grass with the goats, grass of the swallow, grass of Saint-Clair, milk of witches or milk of demon, grass of the devil, sologne, félongène, felougne

The great chelidonia was considered since ancient times as a magical plant associated with black magic.

The alchemists of the Middle Ages saw in the sap of the big yellow lightning, the means of transforming the vile metals into gold, from where its nickname of "gift of the sky". Its reference to the devil or the demon recalls the legend of Nahash, snake endowed with word which is condemned to crawl for having seduced Eve. The dejected reptile spits its venom three times, from which are born the henbane, the datura and the chelidonia.

The ancients attributed to the Chelidonia all the virtues, among others, to give back the hearing to the deaf, the sight to the blind and the speech to the dumb, to dissolve the warts, to give eternal youth. Forgotten since the Middle Ages, Chelidonium was somewhat rehabilitated at the end of the 19th century.

It symbolizes money, justice and trials.

During rituals Chelidonium can facilitate commercial and material projects.

Money, success, justice, trade.

Not intended for the food consumption.

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