Divination, Mediumship and Ancestors Candle Pack


Take advantage of this promotional 3-candle pack.

In this pack you'll find the Divination candle, the Mediumship candle and the Ancestors candle.

Divination candle :

To help during divination sessions.

This candle, created to enhance your divinatory abilities, is an excellent choice if you regularly practice any type of divination.

The power of the Sigil will put you in a bubble and in a micro universe, so you'll be able to see more clearly and increase your capacity for readings and results. Thanks to its magic and the 4 elements, the divination candle will follow you everywhere and give you the energy you need for your daily or regular divinations.

Mediumship candle :

For the gentle development of mediumship and psychic powers.

This candle has been specially designed for contact with the beyond and the development of psychic abilities.

As some of you know, mediumship is an omnipresent part of esotericism for communicating with what surrounds us. The power of this Sigil will help you develop your abilities, but gently.

If you're looking to better manage your mediumnity, communicate more easily with the beyond and develop your psychic powers, this is the candle for you.

Ancestor candle :

This candle is designed to attract and communicate more easily with our Ancestors. It can be used for devotions or for a special request. Place on the Ancestral Altar.

- Red or Pink candle for the Spiritual Chain of Blood and Heart.

- Blue candle for the Spiritual Chain of Initiation.

- Green candle for the Ethnic Spiritual Chain.

- Violet candle for our Animals.

- Black Candle for working with the Ancestors.

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