Manifestation Spirite Incense

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Immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of "Manifestation Spirite", our esoteric incense that lifts the veil between the two worlds.

Carefully designed to attract and amplify the energy of spirits in inhabited or abandoned places, this mysterious fragrance offers a unique olfactory experience.

Let yourself be transported by the subtle, mystical aromas that create harmony between the living and the dead. Incense releases a special aura, revealing a spectral link, an essence that transcends the boundaries of the paranormal.

Whether you're a practitioner of magic, spiritualism, a paranormal urbex enthusiast, a mystery seeker or simply looking for an exceptional sensory experience, "Manifestation Spirite" invites you to explore the uncharted corners of the beyond.

Treat yourself to a unique connection and let yourself be enchanted by the magic that unfolds between worlds.

20 or 40 ml vial

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