Roots of Calamus (Scented Acore)

names and synonyms: Acore vrai, acore odorant, jonc odorant, canne aromatique, roseau odorant, sweet flag root, acorus root, kalmuswurzelstock, deutcher ingwer, magenwurz, deutcher zitwer, belle angélique par les québécois!

The sweet flag is quite rare. Acore odorant is very useful to perfume beer and even some brandies. It is useful to keep furs in good condition and has the ability to keep bugs away.

Since the dawn of time, sweet gale has been known and used as a medicinal plant. Formerly used by the inhabitants of India and Japan, sweet gale is a medicinal plant that grows with its feet in the water, the Tartars used it to disinfect drinking water, in the ancient tribes of the Amerindians, the old men used sweet gale by chewing it, to give them strength and preserve their health! The Egyptians of the time of the Pharaohs used it for therapeutic purposes and also as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Use: Controls others (also positive influence), breaks curses and attracts luck. Also a powerful aphrodisiac.

Not for food consumption.

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