Elderberry Flowers

The elder is a small tree found throughout Europe. It measures about 5 meters and sometimes up to 10 meters. This shrub has other names: Black Elder, Suseau, Susier, Seuillon, Sambuc, Hautbois, Sawe.

In the folklore the elder is beneficial as long as you do not bring its wood into your house. According to a popular tradition, one should not burn its wood, it brings bad luck and attracts spirits.

Plugging the holes of the locks with elder leaves prevents the evil spirits from entering.

Wearing an elder leaf as a talisman protects against all spells. And precisely from love spells.

From its wood, whistles and magic sticks are made.

In the past, it was planted near houses because it protects against spells and lightning.

Its flowers, leaves and berries are traditionally picked at midnight.

Elderberry is used for protection spells but also for healing.

Not intended for food consumption.

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